A vision for the future of education, today

In some industries we’ve worked in, the tension exists around what to do.  In education, there is a lot more consensus around what ‘good’ looks like.  People generally wave their hands around the same core ideas and experiences.

The challenge is in execution, in the how to do.  We worked to develop a succinct educational vision that the district can rally around and use to drive decision making.


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Ready for what?Defining college & career readiness for Boston

In the innovation world, we talk often of the idea of a North Star.  That is, to change trajectories, we must set our sights on a common objective.  

We have been working with the major stakeholders in the Boston education ecosystem to define college & career readiness for the city and to establish a common set of indicators to measure progress towards that goal.

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The customer centered public institution

Customer-centricity deserves to be more than a corporate buzz-word.  It is integral to a public institution’s ability to equitably deliver services to its constituents.

We are working with BPS central office to reorient departments to better serve the needs of its multiple 'customers' - from the students, parents and community members, to the teachers, principals and staff members.