A connected conversation

Agency, a person’s sense of their own capacity to have influence, is a critical skill for kids to develop.  Organizations working on learner agency are radically transforming what education can look and feel like, rethinking some of the elements that feel most fundamental – what is the role of the teacher?  Where does learning happen?  Who drives the experience?

On behalf of a non-profit, we are curating a set of workshops and conversations to create an intimate network of collaborators and friends who share a focus on youth agency.

Three dimensional chess

The district is challenged to develop a 10 year facilities masterplan that resolves the myriad constraints and forces on the system in a way that is financial viable, achieves it educational vision and creates equity for all its stakeholders.  In a rural district the solution could be as simple as buy some more land, but this is Boston.  Reconfiguring the district will require a Herculean effort.

We have developed a series of games which break down the issues for community members and BPS staff to play together in different neighborhoods across the city.  The aim is to understand where motivations can meet opportunities for across stakeholder groups.

New school design

The Dorchester community of Boston has seen its needs marginalized time and again.  And so, when a persistently troubled school was closed with the announcement that it would be redesigned and reopened, the decision was met with skepticism, anger and negativity.

We facilitated a series of workshops to not only design the new school from a programmatic, staffing and operational perspective, but also to build in structural supports and systems of accountability between the school and central office.