We work at high altitudes to affect deep change.



We need to elevate our perspective so that we are able to look across system players and to view how elements of systems relate to each other.
The model that we’ve established to allow us to work in this way is different from traditional consultancies. We flip the one-to-one consulting relationship, instead bringing together interested parties to work together towards substantive change. Our practice has the following tenets:


We work for the people.

At the center of all our work is the populations that are disadvantaged by our country’s structural inequalities. All that we do is with these people’s best interest in mind. We seek to remove ourselves from the existing agendas or incentives of embedded system players.


We define the problem.

We do this first by defining the challenge ourselves. Rather than waiting for an embedded system player to name the issue, we declare the problem and we draw the boundaries of our investigation. This allows us to think in a networked way about change and to look more openly at system adjacencies that are often critical to impact within the system of focus.


We don’t serve one client.

We bring together a range of system players to fund and participate in our work. These are a combination of government, foundations, corporations and private donors. These clients fund our work, but also provide subject-matter expertise, executional capabilities, resources and access. 


This is our approach to systemic change.