Augusta Meill


Says Savanna:

A tireless love for making complex things simple, being the glue that brings people together, and understanding you. Yes, you! :)


Candace Brooks

Senior design researcher

Says Aedan:

Charismatically cognitive character who is
Always analyzing
Design decisions, she is
Absolutely adept while
Constantly chuckling and
Eagerly engrossed in edification


Savanna Li


Says Candace:

Savanna is insatiably curious about everything from international candy to Saul Steinberg illustrations to K-pop. The world is full of inspiration and Savanna takes full advantage of it all. Dedicated to craft and tenacious in getting every detail just right. Savanna is a transplant to the East Coast and a recent graduate of RISD.


Joey Fennell

DESIGN researchER

Says Michael:

"Hellooooo, my name is Joey Fennell and I just graduated from the most amazing four years of schooling, MASSSSSSART. I'm now working for a wonderful company, Agncy, working as a 'Joey.' This will conclude my bio. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me at 1-800-JOEY."


Aedan Clark

DESIGN intern

Says Augusta:

Aedan is an intuitive designer who's good at making complicated things accessible, horizontal things vertical, and written things visual. The Swiss fonts are a go-to, but he does have a soft spot for Cooper Black.


Michael __ Ulmer

DESIGN research intern

Says Joey:

Michael Jordan Tiffany Felicia...well, it changes everyday. Michael is our high school intern, representing the Dearborn! He's been a wonderful aid in our research, and we're grateful to have him on our team for the summer. We'll miss you, Michael! Enjoy senior year!