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“We don’t want to feel like the bottom of the pile, a special group within a special group.”


Transitions across structures are often where gaps are most pronounced.

We interviewed a range of caregivers in the San Francisco Unified School District, including speaking with a group about their experiences navigating their children’s special education needs.

These parents told us about the work they have done to figure out the ins and outs of special ed services for their children, including the realization that they need to advocate on their children’s behalf. They spoke of the difficulty of transitional moments, like moving from general ed to special ed classes or figuring out the differences between a high school diploma and a certificate.

These parents remind us that the biggest gaps a system may be in the spaces between well-constructed programs

The project: Agncy worked with SFUSD to redesign their family and student handbook to be more usable, accessible, and easy to navigate.
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