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We’re a Boston-based team with partnerships around the country. We have deep relationships across our city so that we can do local work from a place of reciprocity and knowledge. We also extend our insight and reach by working with other contexts and scaling best practices.

Core Team

Augusta Meill

Executive Director | she/her 

Written by Savanna:
Underneath layers of earth toned-clothing and a gentle smile, Augusta is a powerful sharp designer and strategist. She is a natural storyteller that can communicate beauty in the mundane, find patterns in the chaos, and lead the direction towards progress. As an avid reader, she loves words and people’s stories— she’s absolutely down to be nerdy about the thing you’re nerdy about too.

After a long history in the corporate design and innovation world, she founded Agncy Design to apply and adapt human-centered design practices to the social sector. She sometimes teaches at MassArt.

Candace Brooks

Senior Design Researcher | she/her

Written by Lou:
It’s one thing to listen to someone tell their story, and it’s another to care deeply about really understanding it. Candace is an expert at weaving portraits of people’s lives into larger tapestries and finding patterns that emerge.

With BAs in psychology (BU) and industrial design (MassArt) and an MDes (IIT), Candace transitioned her experience in traditional design consultancies and internal groups to the global education nonprofit Education Development Center.

A skilled collaborator, a wonderful mentor, and a lover of peanut m&ms, Candace also teaches industrial design at MassArt and is a member of the Marsh Chapel Choir at BU.

Savanna Li

Designer | she/her

Written by Candace:
A RISD-trained designer (which we don't hold against her. Go MassArt!), Savanna is dedicated to creating beauty and clarity out of complicated and dense information. Her toolbox contains whimsy, tenacity, joy and inventiveness. Her limitless curiosity about the world is her most stunning quality.

Her previous experience is an expression of her dedication to shaping meaningful and playful experiences for people, from toy design with Cas Holman to serving as a play guide for the Providence Children’s Museum.

Joey Fennell

Design Researcher | he/him

Written by Augusta:
Joey is a researcher, talented at that hardest part of learning, the making sense of many data streams and stories. He is able to wring meaning from convoluted sources of information, whether law journals or teenagers -- and translate this into clear and navigable articulations of what the world looks like through other’s eyes.

Joey’s interest is in the intersection of design, community and public policy. He previously worked for Sparc! The Art Mobile, an initiative of MassArt that brings art-making to neighborhoods throughout Boston as a tool for community cohesion.

Joey’s the son you want to be and to have, the kind of person who may call into work because his mom needs a ride to the doctor.

Lou Whiting

Designer | she/her

Written by Joey:
Lou is someone that I've known long before we were professionals, so to speak. Over the years I've known her as someone capable of bringing together groups of different people to work at a team, share knowledge, and push actionable responses.

From student government in the ID department at MassArt to a true community leader, Lou is now focused on community design at Agncy where she's able to tackle local issues by uniting neighbors and communities to take action. When leading the room, Lou is a respectful facilitator who defines safe boundaries with participants so that everyone involved is comfortable and possesses ownership over the process.

Zach Narva

Designer/Facilitator | he/him

Written by Joey:
With a clear focus ahead and dedication to honoring individuals, Zach is someone who has the ability to ignite confidence and brings a sense of balance even during the most volatile times. His work in design research, game design, and facilitation makes them a powerful mediator and trainer.

During mediation you might find yourself providing answers to big questions you had but didn't realize needed to be asked. Zach takes his time to listen and assess the needs of every individual to generate a new way to tackle challenges as he arrive. In our workshop reflections there is no shortage of ideas to engage our audience in an inviting yet non judgemental approach, making sure to debias our methods and consider the goals of each facilitator by demoistying individual hiccups as they come. Zachs' ability to clearly translate confusing lexicon (for example the terminology used in game design) and create mutual understanding is a talent anyone should hold in high regard.

When they're not wearing their designer hat, you might find Zach meditating over a stovetop with a hearty meal underway.

Extended Team

We work routinely with collaborators with specific expertise. Friends of the firm include: 

Ronda Alexander

Master of collective action and traveler extraordinaire.
Jeff Baquiran

Who has aided us greatly with his detail-oriented and tenacious project management. He is our occasional Hawaiian shirt representative.
Jeralmi Canela

Former high school intern who wanted his project to be relevant to his peers and their lives on social media, developing a campaign to counter fake news.
Lisa Jones

Our buddy who knows all about math instruction and professional development, as well as what to order at Olive Garden.
Devorah Klein

Who helps us on projects that include behavior change and adherence and also amps up our knowledge of helicopters.
Abby Michaud

Who helps us fold mindfulness and trauma-informed practices into our work, while also introducing the wise practice of eating lunch twice.

Julianna Stockton

Who brings her expertise in math instructional practices and making beautiful things with her hands.
Michael Ulmer

Interned with us while in high school to work on a project focused on learning about how parents and children of color talk about the police.

Our mission is to use design to reduce structural inequity in America. 
Agncy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  © 2020 Agncy Design Inc.
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