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Using design as a tool to reduce structural inequity. 

We work with teams and leaders to make the equity and justice they seek in their communities. Used collectively, design can transform people, organizations and systems. 

Changing systems is hard work.

Design is a problem-solving approach that is clarifying, people-first and optimistic.
Perhaps you need to engage your community in decision-making. Perhaps you need to help constituents understand where your organization is moving. Maybe you want to know how to apply human-centered design tools to your work and your organization.  Design can be a powerful lever in your work.
Let’s talk about it ︎︎︎


While our approach to work is flexible, we’ve found it helpful to describe it in the following categories:

Service system design

Designing the touchpoints, interactions, structures and processes to deliver services and experiences to community members in ways that are equitable, reciprocal and reflective of their needs and values.
Visioning and storytelling

Shaping visions and telling the stories of organizations, coalitions, leaders and movements to make missions clear and tangible, get folks engaged in the work, support advocacy, or rally funding.

Helping systems be better at knowing and sharing what they know, recognizing wisdom, creating space for evolving best practices, giving others help with paths already travelled. 
Community-led design and strategy

Planning and facilitating design processes to engage a range of stakeholders, to share the power implicit in the design process, to build strategic plans and to harness the knowledge and assets of a community to develop solutions.

We work with teams and
organizations at all scales.

Boston Opportunity Agenda
Boston Plan for Excellence
Boston Public Health Commission
Boston Public Schools
Chiefs for Change
City of Boston
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
Excel High School
Jeremiah E. Burke High School
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
New Commonwealth Fund
NewSchools Venture Funds
Nubian Neighborhood Network
Oakland Unified School District
Project Hope
San Francisco Unified School District
Sarah Greenwood School
The Boston Foundation
Transformative Prison Project
Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
Y of Greater Boston

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn and to broaden our perspective. Please reach out; we welcome the chance to talk through what you’re working on and where you are.


Our mission is to use design to reduce structural inequity in America. Agncy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  © 2020 Agncy Design Inc. 
Boston, Massachusetts