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“If we are addressing the roots of the system, we need to acknowledge that part of those roots are felt and embodied. Trauma informs your worldview.”


The body holds insight.

Cherilyn Tan is a designer, musician, and facilitator. She worked with us to explore how embodied practices such as breathwork, deep listening, and meditation can be an important part of decolonizing design.

Cherilyn gently taught us about the physicality of trauma, showing us ways to access the memories held by our bodies while attending to healing.

The project: Cherilyn’s project was an experiment for Agncy, part of our ongoing effort to consider new opportunities for our practice. In 2022, we focused on integrating reimagining through art-making, guided meditation, dance and movement, inspired by this model.
Our mission is to use design to reduce structural inequity in America. Agncy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  © 2020 Agncy Design Inc. 
Boston, Massachusetts