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BPS Vision of the Graduate

Summer of 2023 workshops 
(last updated 8/10)

We're working with BPS on a 2023 update of the Vision of a Graduate (old version here). Over the summer, we’ve engaged with young people to co-design the visual storytelling for this vision. We've brought a visioning workshop into summer programs across the city.

The Vision of a Graduate captures five areas of competency. Our goal in this work is to capture these five areas in a visual metaphor that connects with young people's experiences and helps folks across the district see themselves and their work in this vision.

Students shared their ideas for visual storytelling. They included experiences from their lives, imagined experiences, metaphors and diagrams.

Young people also told us the songs that bring these competencies to life for them. Warning: explicit lyrics!

Young people shared how they "Build knowledge to be ready for college, career and life"
Young people showed us where they "Understand self and others to nurture relationships"

Young people offered when they "Adapt through changes and challenges to thrive"

Young people told us when they "Value diversity to harness the strengths of cultures and communities"

Young people shared when they feel they are "Lifelong learners who continue to grow and explore"

Thank you to these incredible organizations for working with us to make this happen!

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