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Boston is the Silicon Valley of biotech.

As a Boston-based equity design firm, Agncy sees equitable hiring in our city’s life sciences workforce as a key lever in the region’s economic justice. Continuing to develop a robust pipeline of life sciences employees who reflect our city will be an active redesigning of long-entrenched systems of inequity.

This opportunity requires cross-sector engagement. Industry, educators, non-profits, and post-secondary players must all shift practices to create the systems change necessary.

Agncy understands that bending chronic, complex economic structures towards equity is challenging. Agncy’s design approach engages at a system level, grounded in a deep understanding of Boston’s students, families and other citizens. Our work includes:

      • Engaging and mobilizing diverse stakeholders from disparate organizations for a collective impact
      • Convening organizations to increase their awareness of non-obvious interdependencies
      • Identifying barriers by understanding where to focus and making complex and often invisible relationships visible
      • Uncovering high-leverage interventions that benefit all stakeholders
      • Deepening the understanding of the root causes to see more clearly the longer-term consequences

We’re eager to share the results of our student-led research project, interviewing Boston Public Schools high schoolers about how they approach college and career planning and their understanding of the biotech industry – and how they may or may not belong (presented at the MassBioEd Annual Conference May 2023).

For further information and to be kept up to date on our current biotech research project focused on understanding the perceptions of Boston Public Schools families and caregivers, contact Charlie Hubbard at or (617) 680-7906.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here:

Our mission is to use design to reduce structural inequity in America. Agncy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  © 2020 Agncy Design Inc. 
Boston, Massachusetts