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“I wasn't encouraged to express or bring in aspects of my culture into my work because I was under the notion that all my projects and design explorations had to fit the framework of white supremacy.”


Question what it means to practice anti-racist art and design.

Rosa Jiyoon Hyun is a MassArt alumna and UX/Systems Designer who we interviewed about her experience as a BIPOC student and an international student from Korea.

The students and alumni we worked with at MassArt made clear the challenge of learning a craft while simultaneously exploring how one’s own identity or culture may not fit the dominant norms of that craft. Rosa’s interview helped us tap into the harmful limitations of how design is conceived of, learned and practiced.

Rosa and other MassArt alumni made it clear that we, as a design and art community, need to interrogate what inclusive craft and practice can encompass.

The project: We partnered with two departments at MassArt to use a student-led approach to redesign their departmental experiences to center students of color.
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