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“Mutuality is power with, not power over. Everything goes back to relationships.”


Design work should be a mutual endeavor: doing with, not just for.

Sister Margaret Leonard is strategic advisor for Project Hope, an organization she led for 30 years, from its origin as an emergency shelter and through its growth into a multi-service organization for women and families.

Interviewed on her front porch, just down the block from the Project Hope shelter, Sister Margaret described her early years working and living in East Harlem to build a community health center. She talked about how essential it is to be a part of the community she serves.

Sister Margaret brought home the importance of design work as a mutual endeavor: doing with, not just for.

The project: Agncy spent much of the year in partnership with the Nubian Neighborhood Network — a group that includes Project Hope, as well as DSNI and Boston Plan for Excellence— to shape its collective strategy and ways of working across organizations.
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