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“Isn’t that what living really is? It is about making connections - with knowledge, with people. It is how you show love, respect and gratitude.”


Zooming out reveals new connections.

Dr. Tommy Chang is an educator, leader, and writer. Since June, he has traveled to Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico, immersing in the beauty and richness of indigenous cultures across these countries. As he’s moved between the historic and the contemporary, from ancient ruins to modern cities, he’s noted trends in the adaptability and resilience of cultures, the cross-pollination of technologies and ideas, and the tensions between tradition and innovation.

Tommy’s travels have reminded us from afar that change work is not only about going deep, but also about zooming out, finding space to explore, learn and find new sources of inspiration.

The project: Tommy is mid-way through a year long sabbatical, traveling around the Americas and Asia to understand how indigenous cultures have approached transformative moments of change.
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