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“I’ve worked hard to become a teacher. When I was at the mill, I struggled all the time. I struggled to find happiness, but it helped me discover what I wanted to do.”


There is always more learning to do.

Steven Schenck is a 5th grade math teacher. A former steelworker, he told us how his time on “the struggle bus” helps him be a better teacher.

What sticks with us is Mr. Schenck’s commitment to being the best math teacher he can be, and his open-mindedness to learning what he needs to get there. We met Mr. Schenck three times over the year and got to see his progress, from telling us he’d been adopting his own growth mindset to seeing how he had physically rearranged his classroom to support student independence.

Mr. Schenck reminds us that there is always more learning to do. 

The project: The EF+Math Program is a bold approach to education R&D. Agncy conducted a year-long research project to ground the program’s co-design work in the contexts, needs and perspectives of real math teachers and classrooms.
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