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“I set it up so we can talk comfortably about race, culture and Blackness. This applies to how we talk about craft: like stories having a beginning, middle and end as a Western construct.”


Our work requires unlearning.

Theresa Okokon is a writer and storyteller. We worked with her to understand how she teaches writing in ways that facilitate belonging for students of color, push on dominant beliefs about the craft of writing, and normalize people of color in literature.

Theresa’s insights easily crossed disciplines, and her thoughts on writing resonated strongly in our world of design, reminding us that deprogramming our craft and technique expectations takes a conscious unlearning.

The project: In exploring what anti-racist craft means, we went searching in craft universes beyond design. Creative writing was an informative space because people have (go figure) written about the journey towards de-centering Western norms.
Our mission is to use design to reduce structural inequity in America. Agncy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  © 2020 Agncy Design Inc. 
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