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“Trust your caregivers of color, we have the expertise. I love when we trust our own expertise, knowledge, and our instincts. We validate ourselves and all we know as caregivers of color.”


Sharing power requires trust.

Emie Michaud Weinstock is an organizer-leader of the Cambridge Families of Color Coalition. We saw Emie and a team of caregivers of color rethink how their school district should engage – while building their own powerful community along the way.

Emie is evidence that to create trusting, safe spaces, we must have, give, and receive trust, believing in others and ourselves to have the expertise, ideas, and spirit to make change.

The project: We supported the Cambridge Families of Color Coalition and Cambridge Public Schools to co-design a new approach to family programming in the district that centers the experiences of caregivers and families of color.
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