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“I'm still ‘reeling’ from the experience. It was awesome and really opened my eyes to the incredible possibilities.”


The ways we approach the work should be an embodiment of the solution.

Anne Fisher led a work group of congregants collaborating on a design process for their church. This group was composed of folks who see their church as an opportunity to engage in social and climate justice work.

Anne spoke of the social justice action she engages in as her spiritual practice. She finds the ability to focus on the potential for change in her justice work.

Anne reminds us that often, the act of doing is the outcome, and that the ways we approach the work are (or should be) an embodiment of the solution.

The project: Foothills Unitarian Universalist, like so many organizations, has been challenged to adapt during the pandemic. We supported FUU through a community-led design process to redesign how its community enacts its values, identifying structures that can work within pandemic restraints — and outlive them.
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