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“Sometimes it's like they need the art to be everything in the world when art in itself, the joy and the beauty, is just more than enough.”


Rixy is an interdisciplinary street artist whose work is seen across Boston and cities globally. We spoke with Rixy about her artmaking to understand artists’ perspectives on how public art is commissioned. She talked about the at-times-extra-large expectations put onto public artists for their work to solve for complex concepts, from notions of “community” to climate change.

We are reminded by Rixy that art has power and impact…when given space to be itself.

The project: We’re working with the Charles River Conservancy to create a strategy for art in the skatepark, considering how this public space can reflect the cultures and subcultures of the folks who find community there. Check out the joy and beauty of Rixy’s work here.
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Boston, Massachusetts