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“I think about how to not lose sight of individual experience, whether it's that teacher that came to talk or the student that had a hard day. It's easy to lose sight of that and to just live it in a ‘do now.’ I hope no matter where I am in my career, I never lose sight of that because that work really matters to me.”


Vanja Pejic, PhD is a psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships and instructor at Harvard Medical School. In her work at Boston International Newcomers Academy she has built systems and structures to enable school-based care and evaluation responsive to the migration stories and experiences of the school’s community. Her research and advocacy balance what is experienced and what can be measured.

Vanja shows us what it can look like to hold the individual and the systemic at once.

The project: We worked with the Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships team to co-create a vision and mission while building their organization-wide alignment muscles.
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